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Physiotherapy, Chiropractor & Osteopath Home Visit In London

At Medical Home Visit, we give home visit Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, and massage Service in London. We know life gets in the way and the stress of having to rush around to arrive to an appointment, that’s why we’ve introduced home visits; we can treat you by visiting your Home, Offices, or Hotel rooms.

To give 100% satisfaction with our services, we also provide personalised Mobile Massage services to across London.

Celebrities have chosen us! Over the years we’ve treated many celebrities and high profile business people who wanted the best Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatments available in London and across the world. 

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Available treatments at our clinic and home visits

Chiropractor Home Visit

Chiropractic is a treatment which a Chiropractor uses their hands to help relieve pain problems with bones, muscles and joints.

Our Chiropractors focus on the biomechanical and structural disorder of the spine that can affect the nervous system.

Osteopathy Home Visit

Osteopathy treats a wide range of problems related to muscles, joints, ligaments and other soft tissues in your body.

Our Osteopaths use gentle mobilisations, manipulations and massage to restore function and reduce pain of our patients.

Physiotherapy Home Visit

Physiotherapy is a quick and safe way to diagnose and treat injuries involving the neuro-musculoskeletal system.

Our physio’s are highly trained and uses tried and tested techniques that are extremely effective over the years.


Treatments at Home, Office or Hotel. Anywhere in London and around the world.

We understand that sometimes getting to the clinic can seem impossible, whether it’s because the pain is too much to bear, or simply because it’s hard to find the time with children and babies.

Our Home Visits services are quite easy to arrange, we offer all our treatments from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room.


Clinic appointments available 7 days a week.

Offering a range of chiropractic, physiotherapy & osteopathy appointments either at your prefer location OR in one of our clinics in London.

Our Osteopaths and Physios are highly trained and use tried and tested techniques that are extremely effective.

We are open 7 days a week. You can WhatsApp +44 (0) 7467 609 385 or call 0203 305 6186.


Happy to offer appointments on the same day.

Appointments are available 24 hours a day… that’s right… even if it’s 1am!

Appointments can be made via WhatsApp, but if you want to talk to us or would like some advice before booking, call us on 020 7099 7730 or send us an email.

Medical Insurances

We are recognised by most of the leading private health insurances providers.

  • review rating 5  Rishi has repeatedly come to my rescue at very short notice. Professional, clean and effective, every single time he manages to decompress and mend my back/neck/shoulders and I can soon after move around again. I wholehertedly recommend!!!!

    thumb Eleni Fergadi
  • review rating 5  Hi Rishi, thank you so much for providing an osteopath home visit for me when i was in agony with a disc issue in my neck which were causing extreme headaches. SO happy to have been referred to you by my friends and SO glad you fixed it in just 1 session, my headaches have reduced by approx 80% you are so caring and very professional by also explaining the root cause of the treatment, many other specialists have not been able to fix it but you have. I am grateful for all your help and can’t thank you enough.

    thumb osteo house
  • review rating 5  Would highly recommend Poonam Shah, very nice person and an excellent Osteopath. Worked wonders when I had pain in my lower back. She really helped with reducing the pain. Also, give me some good advice on how to help strengthen the lower back.

    thumb Dipesh Kerai

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